Artist Bio

Marianne Ogden’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries throughout the eastern United States including New York City; Atlanta, Georgia; and Boca Raton, Florida.  She entered the artistic field as a Portrait Artist working in watercolors and oils with commissions across the country. She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors. Twice she received awards in juried competitions of Manhattan Arts International in New York City and won the Traveling Show Award for the Kentucky Watercolor Society’s Twentieth Annual National Exhibit which circulated her paintings to twelve galleries and museums around the midwest.

In 2013, she moved to the country of Malta where she participated in various group and solo exhibitions, including twice at the President’s private garden at San Anton Palace.  A collection of her work is also on display in Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre at Mater Dei National Hospital. While in Malta, she explored many new techniques, such as collage, architectural renderings, and cold wax. After nearly ten years there, she has returned to continue her work in the United States. Currently, she is creating fine art in mixed media and assemblage.

Marianne Stratton Ogden was born in Columbus, Ohio in the United States.  She graduated from Taylor University , Indiana and holds a Masters of Arts degree from Wheaton College Graduate School near Chicago, Illinois.